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My Own Words
by Mark Stash

Music to My Ears

Music has been an enjoyable part of my life for as long as I can remember. I’ve never learned how to play an instrument, but listening to music has always held great interest for me.

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2014 Photo Contest Winners

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2015 Children's Photo
Contest Guidelines

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Cover: A new family of geese tests the waters near their nest. For more springtime images, see Michael Sargent’s photographs on page 32.

Meet me on the dock at
sunset ...

… and I’ll show you how to take great photos

story and photos by Derek Doeffinger

Photos taken at sunrise, sunset and twilight can provide some of the most provocative and haunting photos you’ll ever take. Both the start and end of day pack an emotional punch that’s been with us since the dawn of the human race. Even today the onset of darkness carries a sense of fear and the return of light brings with it a relief and excitement at the start of another new day.
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Letters to the Editor

We visited the Prison City Pub and Brewery in Auburn recently. They’ve only been open a short time. They didn’t have any of their own beer, but their beer selections were good. The food was very good. Nice atmosphere also. We’ll definitely keep them in our beer loop.

We also stopped at Good Shepherds Brewing Co. in Auburn. They are considered a nanobrewery. For a small place, the crowd was very friendly. We’ll have to catch the brewery in Weedsport another time.
Looking forward to see what’s happening with all these microbreweries popping up.

– Mary Grasek

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March/April 2015 Issue

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from the AMR article archive
Turkey Talk
Spring 2010

Accounts of large flocks of wild turkey inhabiting the Finger Lakes region can be found in the stories told by Native Americans and in the writings of early settlers. However, as settlement advanced, turkey numbers were quickly reduced. The story of their decline was written by the axe, fire, plow a ... [click here to read more]

Life in the Finger Lakes
Children's Photo Contest

We’re very excited to present the winners of the first annual Children’s Photo Contest. With scores of entrants and several hundred photographs to judge, the response from our younger readers was overwhelming. We wish we had the space to show you all of them.
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A Terroir Tasting
story and photos by Jason Feulner

The single vineyard craze has been in full force for just a few years in the Finger Lakes, so it was with some surprise that I learned from John Ingle that he has been offering a single vineyard Riesling at Heron Hill Winery since 1985. “At that time I had been reading about early single vineyard experiments out west (California) and decided to give it a try with our Ingle Vineyard label,” John tells me. “I guess we were ahead of our time.”
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