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My Own Words
by Mark Stash

SO Ready
For Spring

One of the strange aspects of publishing a seasonal magazine is the fact that the weather during the production of the issue doesn’t necessarily reflect the season that the issue represents. For example, as I write this editorial for the Spring Issue, the morning temperature is 13 degrees Fahrenheit, with a wind chill of 0 degrees. I’m trying to imagine what warmer outside temperatures feel like right now, and believe me, I have to use my imagination. Read More

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Cover: Spectacular gardens bloom in early
spring at MacKenzie-Childs in Aurora.
Photo by Kristian S. Reynolds

Boats, Banjos
and Bachelor Parties

The aluminum and PVD-sided boats produced by 70-year-old Grumman are built to last

story and photos by Oliva M. Hall

General Manager Doug Potter shows the Grumman canoe decal, based on the logo previously displayed on all Grumman aircraft

Nothing sells canoes better than tossing them down a waterfall. That’s what boat manufacturer Grumman (today called the Marathon Boat Group) discovered in 1972, when several of its canoes were featured in the movie “Deliverance.”

“They were going for this massively dangerous whitewater shot,” recounts Doug Potter, general manager. “The film shows the canoe heading for the precipice. The guys would jump out just before they got there, and the canoe would get mangled. After the third one, they finally managed to keep one floating.”. Read More



Letters to the Editor

I spotted this snowy owl and crow on a barn roof in Romulus. This is the second time we’ve seen a snowy owl this winter. I’ve never seen one with a crow before.

Mary Grasek

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Spring 2014 Issue

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Starlit Nights on Gannett Hill
Spring 2005

About 40 miles south of Rochester on Route 64, a large sign for Ontario County Park stands at the foot of West Gannett Hill Road. The drive up the hill makes automatic transmissions downshift and ears pop. At the top, the road comes to a T-shaped intersection. The park entrance lies off to the right ... [click here to read more]

A Fish Tale From the Wilderness Next-Door

story by Helen Isolde Thomas
photos by Bob Oswald

On a clear, cold, spring morning, I drive south along the curvy shore of Conesus Lake. A thin moon casts a ghostly, pre-dawn light on the closed-up homes. Boats sit on trailers like beached whales shrouded in blue tarps. The lake’s surface is perfectly smooth, a dark mirror of the ink-blue sky. The eerie silence hardly recalls echoes of the rowdy sounds of summer fun. Read More

Finger Lakes Funny
Adventures in Winemaking

by Mike Rusinko
by Mary Ellen Gutknecht

Prologue, 1973
Picture this: a gawky preteen boy with a shovel standing over a 10- by 10-foot plot of ground. Sod had been turned, clods raked smooth and seeds sewn. There would be lettuce, peppers and potatoes. I was proud. I had blisters. I watered and I weeded. Then, I celebrated the shoots and seedlings when they pushed through. Read More