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My Own Words
by Mark Stash

A Potpourri of Pleasing Reads

It’s been said that this magazine usually has something of interest for everyone within its pages. I think this fall’s issue is a perfect example of that. Many points of interest are covered – from history to human interest, from beautiful autumn landscapes to artistic photographs of classic cars. Let me introduce you to several of the stories.
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2013 Photo Contest Winners

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Cover: This photograph captures the color, the brass and leather of a beautifully restored Cadillac Touring Car at a regional car show. Photo by Sid Mann.

Birds of a Feather
Flock Together

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Sapsucker Woods creates a new world for studying birds

story and photos by Bill Wingell

Dr. David Bonter, assistant director of Citizen Science at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, is an even-keeled, steady-as-you-go kind of guy, until the subject turns to lawns. Then, he comes out with guns blazing.
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Even when a birder has the assistance of a guide, birding remains a catch-as-catch-can pursuit. On the other hand, Sapsucker Woods does provide the birding enthusiast with great opportunities to expand a personal “life list.”

Letters to the Editor

The Summer 2014 Issue’s pleasures started right away on page one for my sister and me. We recognized Bill Banaszewski’s photo of Lamoka and Waneta Lakes. It was taken on Six Nations Hill in Schuyler County. Long ago our family owned this hilltop farm. Just across the road was our house in which I was born in 1941, joining my two-year-old sister, Glenna. The 1944 winter kept us snowed in for weeks, and in 1945 we left the hilltop home for a farm in the valley. Trips still take Glenna and me up the hill, back to our old home where once we were little girls together. The view is always there. You can go home again.

Harriett Nichols Harris, Sun Lakes, Arizona

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Fall 2014 Issue

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from the AMR article archive
Spring 2008

More Harps I enjoyed Kari Anderson’s article about harps. My grandmother, Christine Carr Minor, lived in Batavia and played the harp professionally. She traveled all over the east with her harp in a specially built trailer, to sing and play at schools. Ms. Anderson’s mention of the ... [click here to read more]

A Labor of Love
After 10 years, the Finger Lakes Boating Museum opens its doors to the public

by Cindy Ruggieri

The old Taylor Winery is the new home of the Finger Lakes Boating Museum.

Perseverance pays off. Just ask the founders of the Finger Lakes Boating Museum, who started more than a decade ago with a goal of preserving the boating heritage of the Finger Lakes Region. It was a long and crooked path with a number of starts and stops, but on June 21 the Finger Lakes Boating Museum officially opened its doors to the public.
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Baldwinsville - A Buzzing Village Fueled by the Canal

by James P. Hughes

Just a dozen miles separate Clinton Square, in the heart of downtown Syracuse, from the “Four Corners” in the Village of Baldwinsville. Tracts of suburban homes mix with rolling countryside between the two. However, enough wooded hills and farmland remain for “B’Ville” to avoid urban sprawl and retain its busy, but comfortable, village identity.
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